Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Collection

So, I love my Nutcrackers! I love putting them up every year and I'm pretty sure the girls do too. Taylor has 2 of her own and Rylie has one (maybe they each need another). This year, with our "office" being in the front room, it has made me have to rethink how we are putting things up this year. We're down 2 side tables. So, I set the Nutcrackers up on the sofa table that's in the entry and I love it! They look so good there! I was so excited about it, I made Garth come in and look and guess what he said. . .
"Looks nice. We won't be needing any more for a while."
Are you kidding me! There's always room for more! I'm not saying I need tons of Nutcrackers, but if I find one I like, there's room for it. I think I'm pretty selective when it comes to my Nutcrackers. I don't buy them just to buy a Nutcracker. In fact, I don't think I've bought one for the last three years. But there you have it, my Nutcracker collection. Aren't they great?!

And poor Miss Camryn is sick. This is how I would like to spend my days when I'm sick. Sitting in a comfy chair with my blanket, watching movies and taking naps whenever I needed to. Little sweetie.