Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Birthday, Show, School Stuff, Birthday...And We're Not Done Yet

WARNING...LONG POST. but there are pictures
What a CRAZY past couple of weeks we've had around here! Rylie's birthday was on recital night this year and she was awesome about the whole deal. Sweet girl. So I guess she had a big birthday party. I had the audience sing Happy Birthday to her. :) But our little family didn't celebrate her birthday until Wednesday. The Frandsen fam celebrated on Sunday. So, I think she made out just fine. When you're young it's great to party all week long! :) Here are a few pics.
Thanks Bonnie for getting the cake. You saved me.

The dance recital went great! To be honest, I was a little worried after Saturday's dress rehearsal, but Joy said a bad rehearsal means a good show. I guess that saying is right. It was really nice. The dancers did great and the numbers dedicated to Vittoria were so nice. Once I figure out how to get the video off the video camera, I'll post it on here. I could not have done it without my Mom though. She was awesome too! Since I have to be teacher, Mom gets my girls changed and this year was CRAZY! I had Rylie in two classes this year because our class sizes were so small. She had 8 dances! Costume changes were hectic, but Mom is amazing. Thanks Mom. Also Mom, did you take a picture of all the girls after the show? I didn't get a single one and would love a copy if you did get some.

So Monday was recital, Tuesday was a break, Wednesday was the school talent show for the girls. Rylie did her solo and Taylor danced to Single Ladies with 2 of her friends. They did SO GOOD! Rylie took FIRST PLACE and Taylor and her friends took SECOND PLACE!!! I'm not talking in their grade, I'm talking about for the whole school! AWESOME! Rylie got a $25 gift certificate to Cold Stone and Taylor's group got a $15 gift certificate to Cold Stone. I'm so proud. :)

Thursday was Kindergarten graduation. They did a fun program. Love it when they're so little and so full of energy. Along with the program, each student also had a power point about nutrition to show to their parents. Pretty neat.
Rylie wants to be a hair cutter when she grows up

Friday was Rylie's last day of school. I went with her and the Kindergarten and walked to the Dino Mine Park. It was a beautiful day to be at the park. All the kids had a great time, even my little ones.
Rylie and her two good friends.

Saturday and Sunday were lazy days, but Monday...Monday was Garth's Birthday!! Big guy is 40 YEARS OLD! We had family and friends over to celebrate. It was fun. One of our friends from the ward gave him chocolate covered prunes. It was great! The girls and I got him a cane with an "Old Fart" crossing sign on it, a pill bottle full of pills (m&m's) to cure different things, a horn, a magnifying glass and some fake teeth. It's awesome! I hope he had a good birthday.
Trick candles, the old guy just didn't have enough breath to blow them out. ;)

Last night I had the girls on the studio drill team over to watch the recital and we decided to do summer classes. Should be fun and hopefully girls will take class.

The rest of this week is full of shuttling Taylor to and from school (she is done on Friday), had piano lessons yesterday, school BBQ this afternoon and getting ready to go to the cabin for the weekend. Busy, busy but so worth it! I love my life, craziness and all. I couldn't ask for a better husband, my kids are so sweet and so good, I have awesome parents and siblings and lucked out to get such great in-laws whom I love like my own family. And I've got the gospel to keep me on the right track. Life is good. Busy, but good. :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Just Some Photos

I was looking through the pictures on one of Garth's cards for our family picture to send off to Mom for Grandma's video and came across these. I really like them so I thought I would share them with you.
Liz and Madelyn

LOVE this one of Taylor!

Pretty Shelby

Sweet Rylie

Ohh, Pyper

Cool one of Carter

Sweet one of Bradley and Camryn with Nana

Here is our family pic. Just in case you were interested. :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

She's 3!

Camryn turned 3 on Monday! I can't believe it. A 3 year old, wow. And what a cute 3 year old she is. While she was opening her presents at grandma and grandpa's house, she would say "Dad are you ready, Grandpa are you ready?" She had to make sure everyone was watching. Funny girl.
She had the "cheese" down perfect!
New clothes! She looks like such a big girl in them.
Look at all that loot.
I think her favorite gifts are her computer (thank you grandma and grandpa) and her bear- Cinderella (thank you Nana and Papa).

She picked out a pink cake and pink ice cream. The cake actually went a bit on the orange side. :) The eggs from Grandpa Neil's chickens have very yellow yolks. :) Sorry, no fancy cake this time around. Boring I know, but stuff at the studio is consuming my life right now.
What a cute "cheese".

Blow Camryn, blow.

Happy Birthday to you.

Whenever my girls have a birthday, I think about their birth-day. Camryn's was NO picnic! But here she is, funny little sayings, cutest dimple in her left cheek and sassiest little 3 year old I've ever had. I love her so much. So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAMRYN BRIELLE! I LOVE YOU.