Friday, November 21, 2008


It never ends around here.  Life is always crazy.  Whoever said "Once things slow down, I'll be able to ..." should be shot or at least strung up by their feet, because things always come up!  I can't think of a time in my life when things have ever slowed down.  There is always something on the horizon.  Not that it's a problem, but sometimes enough is enough.
With all my ranting, you'd think life at our house was bad, but really, things are fine, just full.  Garth is finishing up his bout with strep, I am constantly sick, and Camryn is finishing up her bout with and ear infection (not to mention the couple days she had the stomach flu, sorry Jared and Liz).  Well, it gets better.  Garth has been in massive pain since Tuesday - I think - only to find out he has a hernia in his belly button.  He goes in on Tuesday to get it taken care of and I took Camryn in to the doctor Thursday to get her caught up on her shots and came out with another prescription for breathing treatments!  Her lungs are really rumbly.  And did I mention I feel sick all day?  Taylor also has an infected toe. :)  Good times. But hey, that's life right.  If I'm not busy, I'm bored.
So there you have it.  My house is a mess, because who really wants to clean when you don't feel good and are in major pain?  No one around here, that's for sure.  But the girls make it to school on time, get homework done and piano practiced,  I'm still able to get to my classes, so it all works out - even if it seem like just barely.
The other thing on my mind these days are my parents.  They are moving out of the home I grew up in.  This has brought many memories to my mind.  But the thing that I think of the most is how much my parents love each other.  I also wanted to let my parents know how much I love and appreciate them!  My parents are awesome!  They have raised 6 pretty darn good kids and still have their sanity (even if it seem like it's mostly gone at times :)).  They did their best to provide us with the things they thought we needed and the things we thought we needed.  I will be forever greatful to them.  I enjoy watching them now that all the kids are out of the house.  It's like I'm able to truly see the relationship they have.  The love they have for each other is amazing.  Anyway, I love you mom and dad!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Here is the best I can do for you as far as a picture of my girls go dressed in their Halloween costumes.  And I stole this picture off of Jana's blog.  I was having a bad mom moment and didn't take a single picture of my girls on my camera, bad Tori.  If you want to see what we've been up to for the past little bit, go check out Jana's blog.  She has some great pictures.  I haven't had my camera out when I should, but Jana's got it covered.  So check out her blog for more pics of the girls carving pumpkins.  It's great fun.  Taylor is a ballerina princess, Rylie is a black cat, and Camryn is a purple dragon.
Halloween was quite the adventure at our house.  Last year I had this great idea to do spook alley in our trailer at the ward trunk-or-treat.  I thought the bishopric should do it.  Well, it didn't happen.  This year I mentioned it again and Garth said the bishop thought is was a great idea, but that the primary should do it.  No thank you, we have enough going on.  So Garth brought the idea to the youth and they thought it was a great idea.  Here's the kicker though, the youth in our ward is practically non-existent.  So what it came down to was me doing it with some help from a few people.  Mainly my friend Robin - THANK YOU!  Well, it was such a crazy night, and like I mentioned earlier about my camera, I didn't take a single picture - bad Tori.  Here is the best I can do...

Eyeballs in green goo.  If you want to hear about how cool it was, read on.  If you've read enough, you can come back later and finish my reading my story. :)
When you first walked into the trailer, I had stuff set up on the kitchen counter of yucky things: the eyeballs, brains, skull, spider web with a huge spider, witches brew.  It was pretty good.  My brains where macaroni noodles I had over cooked with every color of food coloring in them to make them look gray and gross.  It was awesome.  Also, when the kids walked in, one of the young women scared them by poking her scary pig head out of the door to the bedroom.  I think that scared the kids the most.  After checking out the "stuff"  you crawled through a box that we had lit with orange lights.  When you came out, there was a black light and I had another person standing still in a ghost costume who jumped out at the kids as they stood up.  Then you kept walking and spiders fell on your head.  (had another kid laying up on the bed and dropped the spiders.)  Then you turned the corner and went through and area with some blinking eyes and a blinking "floating" pumpkin.  Then you turned the corner one last time and I had a strobe light going and we had tapped wet ropes to the top of the bed and the kids had to walk through it.  Then as they went out, off the ramp on one side, Garth was there and sprayed silly string all over everyone.  It was pretty cool, trust me.  We had kids going through over and over again.  (just a little FYI, I sectioned everything off with black plastic table cloths and made the back end of the trailer go back and forth like a maze.)  It was pretty fun. 
So, by the time Halloween was here, (trunk-or-treat was Thurs.) I was done.  I did get the girls picture taken and the local "kiddy kandid", but that is about it.  I promise to do better next time. :)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Who are you?

I got this off of Emity's blog and laughed when I saw it on Jared's.  There is one to find out which male character you are. :)  Em, I'll bring the other two books up this weekend.  Thanks.

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