Friday, March 20, 2009

Tag and much much more

First of all, Jared and Liz had their baby on Wednesday! Yea for them! Hopefully we can head up and see him and visit for a while tomorrow, but money is very tight, so I'll have to see how that goes.
Second of all, Emity tagged me with a photo tag. I've actually seen this one around on quite a few blogs, but here's the deal . . . the rules are, go to your fourth folder, and fourth picture, and blog about that (I've been seeing it 6 and 6). Well, I don't have my pictures in folders, so I went to my fourth "event" and picked the fourth picture from that.

Like Garrett, I do believe this picture has been seen on my blog before. This is our trip to California last April. We went to visit Garth's cousin Cari. Did a little Layers party, but really, had a great time with Cari and her family. It was a great trip. I was actually just thinking about it yesterday. This is our trip to the beach, in case you were wondering. It was pretty cold and windy, but we had a good time just the same. I would really like to go again, soon!
I tag Becky (I think Amy tagged you already, get with it would you! :P) and anyone else who reads my blog that hasn't done this one already.
Thirdly, I feel so crafty! It's costume time at the studio, and making sure everyone has all their costumes and stuff has been very stressful. This amazing lady in town makes dace costumes, but she doesn't have all the accessories the big companies do. So, I have been running around (along with Garth) trying to find enough buttons to accessorize this one costume. Then I get another costume she has made and realize it needs something added to the front. So, I decided to make a flower to go with it, then thought, I need a hair bow or something, as well. So, I headed back to the store for more orange flowers. Then realized again, the costume we went hunting for buttons for needs something for the hair too. Back to the store (only to find that the buttons we searched MANY Walmarts for were back in stock at my store) for ribbon and stuff. Then, I decided to have one of the classes make these cute dance skirts out of tulle (like the one Liz and Madeline gave Taylor for Christmas). So more trips to the store for tulle, ribbon, and flowers. It's just been crazy! Costumes are tough! But with all my flower making, I made a few for my girls' hair too.

The top three are just flowers I did for my girls, the two bottom orange ones go with a costume, and the other bottom two are left overs from the ballet skirt project so I made them into clips for my girls.
So, not am I only so crafty that I make people (ha ha hayley :D), I make hair accessories too! I still have to make the other orange costume hair ribbons and realized yesterday that I need to make a green flower for a green costume too. But, my Walmart doesn't have any pretty green flowers, so maybe that will be my excuse for going up North tomorrow, totally a dance expense. I can go for that, right?
Well there it is . . . A post (a long one too) when I didn't really think I had anything to blog about. Most of it is ramblings of a mad woman, but hay, that's my life! :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lucky Morning

So I think it was Emity's blog last year that showed her green food on Saint Patrick's Day and I thought, I can do something like that. So, this year we had green breakfast! Green eggs, green pancakes, green orange juice, and sausage. Rylie was a little worried about how it would taste, but once she realized it tasted just the same, she was just fine. My only problem was I worried about this most of the the night so, I didn't sleep very well. I was worried I wouldn't wake up in time to do a breakfast like this. Our breakfast ritual is usually cereal. So, I tossed and turned most of the morning and then worried I didn't have any green food coloring. I used most of my food coloring at Halloween on my "brain" and let Jana borrow the green paste I had for Payton's birthday cake, but obviously, I had enough, barely. (I had to add a little water to the last bit, it's gone now) I'll have to let you know if Camryn eats the green pancakes. :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm So Proud

These are some awesome pictures from my Grandpa's funeral. I was looking forward to the salute he would receive at the cemetery and was glad Garth was looking forward to it too. He got some awesome pictures. Here are just a few.
I'm so glad there are men like my Grandpa in the world today. My Grandpa was an amazing man and I'm proud to be a part of his family. I will miss him.