Friday, September 16, 2011

First Day of School

So this year i just sent Taylor and Rylie off to school without much fan fair. I forgot to take their picture that morning and I didn't even walk them in. I did tell them that I loved them, but that was it. Really I don't feel too bad about the not walking them in bit, because they didn't seem to care or notice and it's a little tricky with the other two in the car. But I did get a picture of them by the third day of school. They wear uniforms so I think I'm still okay missing the first. :)

I did get Camryn's first day of preschool.

...and her second,

...and her third. :)

When I dropped her off on her first day, I almost cried!! It was kind of tricky. My eyes started to sting and get a little watery so I walked out before it turned into a full out cry. Camryn was brave and got her journal and sat down at the table to color. When I went to pick her up, her teacher asked if I leave her much. I told her, "No, no I don't. Which is why I almost cried this morning when I droppped her off." Well, Camryn had a little melt down during the pledge (she calls it the judge) and wanted her mom. But she calmed down after a bit and was okay for the rest of the day. She hasn't had a problem since. My only problem is that she thinks she needs to wear a dress to be beautiful. The kids at school won't think she's beautiful if she doesn't have a dress on. I don't know if we can keep this up. Notice the dance tutu with the leggings on the third day of school picture. We had to get creative because I needed to do laundry. I need to go through the bins downstairs and figure out what I might have in the dress department. One day we went over to my friends house, whose little boy is her "boyfriend" and she about had a melt down because I wouldn't let her change out of her clothes into a dress. She said Tage wouldn't think she was beautiful in her shirt and shorts. When we came home she did tell me that Tage didn't even care that she wasn't in a dress. :) She is funny.

Friday, September 2, 2011


So it's 4:15 in the am. I've been up since a bit before 3. I am in so much pain!!. Last Saturday, I sneezed and hurt myself in the worst way. It has not been pleasant. I keep hoping the swelling will go down and I can move like a normal person, but that hasn't happened yet. I take Tylenol, but I swear it doesn't even touch the pain. Not enjoyable. The worst part of the whole deal is last Saturday I did 2 Tae Bo classes with Mr. Billy Blanks himself and felt really good afterward. Not too tired and my body didn't feel very sore by Saturday night. But then a sneeze knocks me to the ground. It really stinks. And really hurts. It's hard to be the mom when you can't move very well and every step hurts. When it's normal people time today, I have to get some laundry done and do a bit more grocery shopping, oh joy. But who else is there to get it done? (I'm husbandless, the HUNT is going on right now.)
All I have to say is that this better go away!!! I don't have time to feel like this. Dance starts next week and I am the teacher. I have to be able to move, get up and down from the floor, and all that jazz. Right now it's not looking so good.
Are boys really worth all this trouble? My girls never put me through so much pain! I had other issues just last month that caused me great pain. I have a little more that 10 weeks to go and I hope my body can survive it. I also hope it goes by quickly, but I know it won't, it never does. This is why it's insane to have a bazillion kids, your body falls apart!!! :)