Saturday, June 26, 2010

Courtesy of Camryn

So we were eating dinner, listening to my iPod, and Katy Perry's Hot N Cold came on. Well, the other girls were outside already and Camryn was still sitting at the counter finishing up her "beaches" (peaches). So I sing along with the song because I know the second line is not the nicest. So here are my words, "You PMS like a GIRL, I would know." About 30 seconds later Camryn says, "Mom, I pee like a girl." I am STILL laughing!!!! I think it's SO funny. :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Look Out World! Part 2

It's official, Pyper is a walker!!! She took her first real steps on May 25th and I think she's got it down pretty good now. She's still a bit tippy, but on Sunday she started standing herself back up without holding on to anything. It's been fun watching her progress the last two weeks. I had the Drill Team girls from the studio and Missy over on the 25th to watch the recital, so they were all a part of her big moment. Pretty fun. I took a few videos on my camera tonight so I think I'll share. :)
P.S. Camryn would not stay in bed tonight. She came out I don't know how many times. Camryn is a collector and likes to bring it ALL to bed with her. There isn't room in her bed for all her treasures and tonight she thought she needed to bring everything to bed. One of the times she got out of bed she wanted to show me her back(?). Crazy girl. So the last one has Camryn out of bed showing me her back...and "helping" Pyper.

CUTE STUFF! I have a few other things to blog about that I plan to get to later this week - Garth's 4oth birthday (old man) and a few others. But here's a cute thing from the mouth of Camryn to end with.
Tonight when we said our prayers (it was Rylie's turn), she prayed and then remebered she forgot to pray for Tiff that everything would go well. So she said another quick prayer. When we said amen, Camryn said "what about Carter?" So Camryn said a quick prayer for Carter (with some help from me). Then we said amen again and Camryn said "what about Mike?" So Camryn said another prayer for Mike that he would be safe and happy. It was great! No help from me at all. LOVE that girl!