Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Where She Stops, No body Knows

Camryn still needs a nap in her sweet young life, but getting her to take a nap doesn't really happen. Mostly she falls asleep in the car when I go pick the girls up from school, that's her nap. Sometimes she'll fall asleep on the couch or if she's being a stinker I'll tell her to go lay on her bed and she'll fall asleep there. But recently she has started falling asleep in odd places.

This one happened back in November. She was being a stink and I was kind of ignoring her and this is where she ended up.

This one was after dance. I was feeding Pyper in the high chair and Camryn was playing with the magna-doodle. After I got Pyper out of the high chair and cleaned up, I started on some stuff for the studio. Soon I realized I didn't hear Camryn. And this is where I found her.

These last two just happened last week. This one happened after coming home from the studio one night. This is as far as she got.

And this one happened after we had gone to get ice cream because of the girls good grades. She actually fell asleep in the car but woke up, sort of, when we brought her in. I thought she would wake up all the way, but she didn't. She tried to get off the bed, but just couldn't wake up enough to get all the way off.

Oh, if only my life could be so rough.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Look Out World!

She is on the go! Pyper just started crawling Friday night! It's pretty funny to see. Her little arms and legs get moving, but she doesn't get very far. :) I'm sure all that will change quick though. So now it's time to put the gate up at the top of the stairs and make sure all the little things are off the floor (that one is going to be a little tricky with Camryn around). What a big girl!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Adventures is Diapers

This is kind of a gross story, but pretty funny. So, if you don't want to read about poop - STOP, but if you do and want to laugh at me, keep going. :) I think its a great story to share.
I always put the clean diaper underneath the one the baby/child has on already when I'm changing a diaper. Just in case there's more there than I thought or just in case the cold air causes a little something else to happen. Well, I was changing Pyper's diaper and slid the new one underneath her and then my nose itched. So, I scratched my nose and then I felt something wet on the tip of my nose. Nice. Grabbed a wipe to wipe it off and sure enough, it's a little bit of Pyper's potty on my nose! Gross! Funny. Not so good.
So I still slide the clean diaper under, but will now resist the urge to scratch my nose. Ahh, motherhood. Always an adventure.
Now here's one about Camryn. She's wearing panties!!!! I could have had one less daughter last Thursday, I wasn't so happy with her and her potty skills. So Friday I decided that was it, no more diapers. She's going to be 3 in two months and I'm tired of buying diapers for two kids. I know there's all the bit about waiting until the child is ready, but what about the mom? Anyway, it has gone really well. I think my "persuasive" words the other day did the trick. The little stinker is ready, she has just been lazy about the whole thing and I let her be. But she's doing so good and likes to put stickers on her potty chart. It's great. Mom is happy and Camryn is a big girl. Ahh, motherhood.