Saturday, January 30, 2010

Just like Liz!

Check it out

I have been checking out this blog for a while and not as many people enter for these give aways as Give Away Today, and I still can't seem to win! So Liz, if you get it on your first shot, I'll be mad! :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So today is another snow day and Camryn, Pyper and myself are taking it pretty easy this morning. Well, Camryn tells me she wants some chaco-latte. We watch Dora often and there is an episode about chocolate and Dora's Grandma, so she says chaco-latte. (Go ahead Garrett, teach her Spanish, I think she'd catch on pretty quick.) Anyway, she said Carter wanted some chaco-latte and Tiff needed to drive him to our house. I thought it was pretty cute, so I called Tiff and told her and then made the chaco-latte. Garth got me a cocoa-latte machine for my birthday - that he uses EVERY morning. So making hot chocolate it a snap.
And Camryn can't have chaco-latte without a strawb. That's right, a strawb. Remember, I said we were taking it easy this morning, hair is not done yet. :)
Ever since our visit to Carter's house, Camryn had been Carter this and Carter that. Did you know that Carter was wondering if they could adopt Camryn? :) Too cute. The other day Camryn said she was Daddy's girl and Mike was Carter's boy. She's a funny girl. I asked her if she was my girl and she said "No, I daddy's girl!" Poor me.
Well, everyone enjoy the snow and have yourself a cup of chaco-latte!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


I know what you're thinking, Tori is still alive? Yes I am, sometimes just barely. Things are just a different kind of busy around here. I've been thinking about it lately, trying to figure out what it is, and I think it's probably all Pyper's fault! :) Honestly though, she's at that stage where it's hard to put her down and when I am able to leave her for a bit, I have to do "house" things and stuff for the studio. Anyway, to the one or two of you who read this blog, sorry. Lots has happened in our little home since the middle of December. Hopefully I'll be able to post a bit about it. But here's what's going on now.
Price has had snow for the past week! It's been crazy. It started Monday night (should have left Tiff's house a bit sooner. Drove 20-30 mph down Price canyon) and we have had snow everyday since. It's not been too fun taking the girls to school every morning in it, but we're all still alive so I guess it's okay. I've also gotten some pretty good excercise shoveling snow here at the house and the studio, so that's been okay too.
Yesterday, all the girls, Garth and myself were able to play outside in all the lovely snow for a bit. We did get some good snow for snowman buliding. Tell me what you think. . .
Garth got a little carried away I think and we had to get Taylor to piano lessons before we could finish the face. Rylie and Garth are going to go out today, so hopefully they will get her face finished. (They did make some changes to her, I'll post the pictures tomorrow.)
Here is Taylor's little Hawaiian girl. She still needs a face too. (The snow started to really fall just then.)
Taylor plopped down in the snow and Garth started throwing snow on her. Next thing you know, he's got her packed in a pile of snow. He told her she couldn't bust out of it, so she had to crawl. Well the snow had hardened around her, so Garth had to did her out, but still kept the "cave".
I think everyone had a good time. Pyper helped me make the bottom of the snowman until she fell asleep and went inside, Camryn had fun until she realized there wasn't a bium, bium to ride on with Daddy (snowmobile) and the older two had fun snowboarding and making snowmen. It was a GREAT day!