Sunday, February 27, 2011


Since we haven't seen some of our family members in a while, here are some of the "new" things at our house...
Taylor got her hair chopped!!! She has been waiting for this lovely event for at least 8 months. Usually I let her cut it every other year after the dance recital. This past year I asked her to wait until the college did their Locks Of Love event at cosmetology. Well, I waited to hear information about the event and didn't hear or see a thing about it so I had a friend cut her hair. Taylor LOVES it. Side note - found out the Cosmetology department did their big thing this Saturday. Not too happy about that. They sent home info to all the schools but the one my girls go to. Sweet. Not happy at all. We stopped by the cosmetology department and I let them know I wasn't too pleased about it, dropped off Taylor's hair -over 16 inches worth- and they let my girls get manicures. But Taylor missed out on all the other fun stuff they did for those who donated their hair. grrr Next time I guess. Rylie wants to grow her hair out and Taylor will grow hers again. :)

And this "new" thing is for Mary - I still don't like having my picture taken so much, but I've lost a little weight lately and the other night Mary bugged me enough on facebook to get me to post a picture of myself. So here it is Mary,
Now, I still have plenty more to go. My hope is that by the end of March I can lose 10 more pounds and go down one more clothes size. I'm pretty darn happy about my progress though. It's very exciting. I haven't been this size since 2005-2006. And really, I'm probably in better shape this time around too. I workout 3 or 4 times a week and eat SO much better. My friend and I are planning to do a 5k this summer too. Who would have thought I'd want to run a 5k?
So, I've gone from this - hiding behind my this

And because they wanted their picture taken too. Here are my girls. (Pyper was taking her MUCH needed after church nap.)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Basement

Here it is folks - the few rooms that are finished.

Taylor has been waiting and waiting for her room to be finished. Well, on Saturday the carpet was finally installed! She (and me too) was so excited about it. She just laied on the floor and rubbed her hand over the carpet. :) Sunday Taylor was sick so we didn't do anything more down there.

Here are pics of the office. It needs to be put together, but you get the idea.

Yesterday Garth and I got the dresser from the warehouse and put the head board up in Taylor's room. Today I got her bed skirt and tonight Taylor and I made her bed. So guess where she's sleeping her room!!!
One HAPPY girl! We still have plenty to do in there to really get her set, but this is all she needs for now.

So there you have it. A new post and pictures of the basement. Don't fall over, I'll try to be better. But I make no promises.

And because I have beautiful kids :)
and this picture with Aunt Vale is cute. :)
These are pictures from Christmas break. No pictures from the cabin for quite a while now. VERY sad. VERY big mess. VERY depressing.