Sunday, April 26, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Babes

I had to write this down somewhere because it's priceless.
Rylie is playing in my room right now. She's standing on our bed, playing with Garth's toy airplanes that are on top of the headboard. There matchbox ones. They're WWI or WWII style. Anyway, she's playing, I'm in there doing some ironing, and all of a sudden I here, "I saved Jesus!" me "You did?" her "What? He was about to fall. I did." Priceless. ( We have a picture of Jesus on our headboard because I'm not sure where to put it in the house.) So there you have it, my Rylie saved Jesus! I love her!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

You Go Girls!

Just thought I'd let you all know, my girls (Taylor & Rylie) are competing in a dance competition tomorrow night (Friday) If you happen to be in Price/live in Price, or want to make the quick trip down, they are each doing a solo. Saturday is the studio competition. I have 8 classes competing then. Should make for a fun day. :) I'll let you know how it turns out.
Everything is at the high school.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


So tonight I was hoping for a normal evening at home. No dance, no errands, I even told Grandpa we'd come see the new chicks tomorrow so we could be home. Well, not even 10 minutes after walking in from piano lessons, I hear Camryn crying/screaming through the open windows and Rylie has just come in to tell me Camryn is hurt from getting on the trampoline. I go outside and find her face down on the ground. Rylie, bless her heart, tried to help her onto the tramp and ended up doing more damage than good. Camryn must have hit her mouth on the bar on the way down to the ground while Rylie was trying to lift her up and her bottom teeth went clear through her bottom lip. Lots of blood, lots of crying. Not good. After trying to decide what to do, I head out to the hospital with her. An hour and a half later, the doctor has glued her lip and given me a prescription for an antibiotic. Good times! Here a the pictures I took. They aren't the greatest. It's tricky getting a close up of something so little without it going blurry. But trust me, the hole in her mouth is pretty big.

at the hospital

at home with the glue still in tact

trying to get a good shot of the "big hole"

Now the glue is gone, she has picked at it so much. Should I be worried? I put one layer of glue on just a bit ago and she didn't like it too much. What do you do? The mouth is pretty amazing at healing it's self right? Taylor has a dentist appointment tomorrow. I guess I'll see what he thinks. Plus it will probably be good to have him take a peek at her teeth. You know, Rylie hit her mouth not too long before her 2nd birthday too ( think she was almost 2). I hope this isn't a pattern we're falling into. I take Rylie to an oral surgeon next month to have him take a look at her teeth from that lovely incident.

Just for fun, here are a few pics from Easter. Had a good time, despite the weather. Thanks fam for coming.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm Lovin' It

My kids don't have school this week and it's only day two, but it's been awesome! They've been able to get some work done around the house, which means I don't have to do it, and so far, they've played really well together - all 3! It's really been nice.
Sunday we put the trampoline up, and with this great weather, the girls have had a blast. I feel so content right now. Today is a good day to be mom.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Adventures in Hair Cutting!

So Friday I got my hair cut and colored (I promise I'll post a picture, it's pretty fun) because I had dance pictures on Saturday and had to have my picture taken too. (last time I got my hair done was in Nov.) I had to take the girls with me because Garth had just left for a scout camp. Just before we left, Camryn had downed at least a third of a bunch of grapes (really I don't know, but for a little one, it was a lot!) Anyway, we get to the girl's house and she starts on my hair color. Shortly after, Camryn comes in a throws-up on her floor. Yum, grapes! It was nice. I get her cleaned up, Patty gets me one of her daughters old shirts and I struggle to keep Camryn on my lap, just in case she isn't done. Keeping her on my lap fails and she head off to the playroom. Next thing I hear is "Mom, Camryn just threw up." Oh, let the good times roll! Hop out of the chair and head back to the play room to clean up. By now I'm stressing and all that good stuff that happens when your child gets sick somewhere other than home. Patty can tell and is being great about the whole thing with some thanks to my good friend who has told Patty to be nice to me (not that she wouldn't be and always is) because I have been SUPPER stressed out lately (she is an awesome friend by the way, love her guts) We get started again. I've got Camryn on my lap in just her diaper now and she spews again! Yum, grapes!
So here we are, Camryn has now thrown up in Patty's house 3 times, I have this fun new color on a good portion of my hair, I think we've trashed 3 towels by now, and I am at a loss as to what to do. Patty is so sweet and says it's up to me. I know Camryn isn't sick, just has an upset tummy from all those grapes, but really, a person shouldn't stay in someone else's home when their child has thrown up 3 times! But I did! Is that bad? Camryn fell asleep shortly after the third round, and Patty finished my hair and cut Rylie's.
Adventures in Hair Cutting! I know they didn't cover this in school! So Patty, thanks for awesome hair! Becky, thank you so much for caring about me, it means so much. And Camryn, thanks for keeping life interesting!