Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Blog Blah

To blog or not to blog, that is the question. And it looks like it's been - to not blog - lately. Since that the computer is downstairs it makes is harder to blog because I don't go downstairs. Now if someone or many people would like to come to my place and work on my basement, I wouldn't object and then I'd have more of a reason to be downstairs.... The family room would be finished and the playroom done so we would hang out down here. But, until then, we'll have to make a conscious effort to come down stairs. Side Note-if anyone really would like to help with the basement, the baby gets here in the middle of Nov. and I'd love to have another room done down here. Just sayin'. ;)
So, here's a little post to keep things updated, sort of. Things are good at our house. School stars in a few weeks and that means dance gets back into motion. I'm praying for more students this year, like always, but only having positive thoughts this year. I'm hoping it works. I have a few new teachers to add to my studio and that should put me there a little less or at least my girls there not so often because Taylor is a great babysitter!!
Our little man gets here in November. We're still planning for 11-11-11. If he's early, I won't mind a bit. I have a total of 1 outfit for him and 2 pair of jammies. He's set for the ride home from the hospital and that's it. A boy at my house! CRAZY! But it will be wonderful.
There's plenty more to update on, but that makes for a long post! So, here's a picture just for fun - Dance Technica at the parade last weekend.


Loren and Kristin said...
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Loren and Kristin said...

I totally understand the lack of boy clothing. Brookleigh didn't leave much for my baby boy to wear with a closet full of pink, haha:)