Sunday, August 7, 2011


Happy August everyone. August means school and school shopping, new dance schedules and getting organized for the coming school/dance year. But August also means memories for me. We have 2 dates in August that are tricky ones to "celebrate".
Two years ago we spent the majority of August in Salt Lake between my parents place and Primary Children's Hosptal. I wouldn't change that summer for anything.
Today I'm making pumpkin cookies with the girls. We made pumpkins cookies for one of the lemonade stands we did for Vittoria. Of course I think of Vittoria often, but August is the hardest with the 2 year mark of her death and the birthday we celebrate with her in a special way. I love you Vittoria and miss you very much. Life continues to go forward, but I always think of the way things would be a little different if you were here with us physically. To James and Val, I love you both very much too. Keep moving forward, because I think that's all we can do.
So, I'm going to eat a pumpkin cookie, pour me a class of lemonade and look at a few pictures. I might even have myself a good cry, but that's okay.
I love you Vittoria!!

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JamesVal said...

Thank you for the sweet words, for thinking of our Vittoria and still remembering her and for ALWAYS being there!
We love you very much and feel very blessed to have u guys in our life.