Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dino Mania

The weekend after the 4th, Jared and Liz and the kids came to our house for a fun visit. Madeline is in love with the PBS show Dinosaur Train and Jared and Liz decided to have a fun little dinosaur trip. And when you think dinosaur, you think Carbon County, right? Well, okay. maybe not, but you should. :) (also, the main exhibit in Vernal is closed for remodeling) We headed on over to the CEU Prehistoric Museum and had a good time there checking out all the skeletons and other fun stuff.Then we headed over to the Dino-Mine Adventure park where the kids had a great time sliding down dinosaur tails, swinging on the swings and playing on the monkey bars. Only bad thing that happened that day was that Liz left her camera there. :( So all her pictures from the day are gone. Poop!!
After a night of good food and styrofoam picking (hehehe), we left the next morning for the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry. ( Taylor is MIA. She went with Grandma Bonnie to the Scottish Festival that day.)checking out a replica of a dig site

so strong!

The visitors center is the most exciting part about that place. If you have older kids, the rock walk is good, but with all the little ones we had with us, there wasn't that much to do there. We ate lunch at one of the picnic tables and then jumped back in the van to head off to the Museum of the San Rafael. Only to pull into the parking lot 2 minutes AFTER they closed!!! Grrr. Sorry Jared and Liz. Next time I guess. :(
On our way back home, we stopped by the farm to show Madeline and Bradley the chickens.that Madeline is such a poser :)

When we got out there, Neil was moving some dirt and came across a bird's nest in the rocks. Very cool.
Thanks for the visit Jared and Liz. We had a great time. We love it when people come our way every now and then. :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

4th of July 2010

We spent the 4th up at Scofield this year. We had a great time. I love being up in the mountains. Scofield puts on their 4th of July celebration called Pleasant Valley Days. Vendors come and set up in the park, they have all sorts of activities through out the weekend and have a fun parade. This year I talked my girls into doing the Little Miss Pleasant Valley Pageant. I love to show off my girls and their talents. Taylor played the piano and did an amazing job, and Rylie did her solo. It was a little tricky for her because the stage was SO tiny, but she did her best. Rylie ended up getting second attendant in her age group. Way to go Rylie! So Taylor and Rylie got to ride in the parade in the Little Miss float.cutest girls on there, I think

Here is Camryn at the paradeand here is Pyper at the parade :)
The girls had fun playing with their cousins, riding the 4-wheelers and riding the horses. (looks like a missed a picture of Rylie, but she rode too.)Taylor LOVES the horses, but ever since she was thrown off Bo, she's been a bit afraid to ride. She's finally getting to the point where she doesn't have a breakdown when she gets on a horse now. She loves to go for rides and it's great that she can ride without a lead. Big girl. :)

Guess who actually got on a horse too...what the? (love you Vale) :)

I hope all of you had a great 4th of July weekend!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Manti Pagent

After our weekend at Mom and Dad's house, we took off the next weekend and joined Em and Darren and their girls in Fairview to go to the Manti Pageant. It was a fun weekend. The girls played and went on adventures. Pyper even had a little fun in the dirt.We went swimming in Ephraim, had yummy food and saw the Pageant.
Garth and I haven't seen the Pageant since we were dating. So that means this was the first time for the girls. Taylor enjoyed it, Rylie slept through it, Camryn was awake the whole time going from person to person and Pyper was awake through most of it. Funny girls. It wasn't too cold and really, all the girls were great. Thank you Emity and Darren for inviting us. We had a great time!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pyper's Birthday!

Finally, here it is. Since I don't have any kids at home, I thought I'd try to catch up on what's going on at the Frandsen house. :) So here is Pyper, the big 1 year old! (how did that happen)

Here are a few "presents" pics.
she loves to have her hair combed

This is Pyper's favorite toy right now. She LOVES it and knows that it's hers. When Jared and Liz came for a weekend, Bradley was on it and she was TICKED! It was pretty funny. She's not a good share-er when it comes to her car. :)

I can't believe my baby is one. Where did that year go? We went from this...
to this...
funny picture. she found my "stash" hehehehe
in nothin' flat. I love you Pyper. You bring such a sweetness -and craziness- to our home.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Taylor is 10!

So I'm trying to catch up on things and just realized I left out Taylor's birthday, so here it is.
My first born has hit the double digits! Can you believe it? Crazy life. I love Taylor so much. She is such a good girl, loving sister and beautiful daughter. I lucked out on her. She was a wonderful baby and now a wonderful young lady. (I hope that doesn't change when she gets to be a teenager, yikes.) Here are a few pictures of her big day.
what a spaz!

Taylor had a blue cake with blue frosting, her favorite color!
We were up at Mom and Dad's the weekend of her birthday. Mainly because of dancing at Lagoon, but also for a weekend away from home after school was out and recital done. It was a fun, busy weekend.

I Love You Taylor!!!