Friday, May 29, 2009

12 Years

Things are crazy around here, but I was having a thought the other day as Val's and Garth's birthdays approached. It was 12 years ago, on Val's birthday, that I met Garth. Crazy stuff! It was Val's surprise birthday party. James and Val thought Garth and I would be perfect for each other because of a talent my dear brother Jared helped me to perfect - belching. I was at Val's dorm one day for lunch and James was there. Well I, in true Tori fashion, let one go. I guess James was impressed and thought I should met his brother. So tadah, here we are today. Crazy stuff I tell you. Who would have thought - 11 1/2 years of marriage, almost 4 kids, a home in Wellington, UT, 2 dogs and 2 cats - all because I went on a date with a truck diver who had a cool bronco!
So Val, Happy Birthday, you old woman. I totally respect my elders! :-) Thanks for helping make my life so great!
And Garth, Happy Birthday you old man! Just wait til next year - the big 4-0 is going to be a PAR-TAY! I love you babe!

Mermaid cake and tapioca, what a lucky guy!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Big 5

So my Rylie is 5 years old! Can you believe it? We had Garth's parents over on Sunday to celebrate with us. Jana and Casey and the girls came over a bit later. Rylie wanted to decorate cupcakes for her birthday, so that's what we did.

Her friend party was Wednesday. I knew I would have a hard time entertaining 5 year olds (I don't move around very fast or very well these days) so we rented a bouncer for the party. It was great. Not all the kids who were invited came, so it was a small party and the kids had a great time (at least I hope they did).
They jumped. . .

Made flower leis. . .

Jumped some more. . .

Opened presents. . .

And had cake and ice cream.

Don't you love the mermaid cake! I think she turned out pretty good. It took 2 cake mixes to make her. I have so much left over cake! I think I'll take it to the cabin this weekend. Maybe Garth gets mermaid cake for his birthday too. :-)

We finished off the party with more jumping and then I filled water balloons and they threw them on the driveway to see who could make the biggest splash mark. It was a pretty good party. It went pretty smooth if I do say so myself. Thank you Jana and Becky for helping me out.

After the party we headed over to the studio for the Splits and Donut Club party. The girls had about 3 months to get their splits flat and donuts touching. If they did, they were able to come to the party where they could have a donut, banana split or both, depending on what they did. I plan on posting that on the Dance Technica blog if you want to see a few pictures. It actually turned out pretty good too. They girls were saying that it was fun. So hopfully they were telling the truth and not just trying to make me feel good.

I also wanted to let you all know that Rylie graduated from preschool! She really is growing up. It was the perfect graduation ceremony. It was no longer than 30 minutes. Here are a few pics.

Keeping that hat on was a challenge.

The big graduate. Doesn't she look so grown up?!

There you have it. A quick update for our little family. Taylor has one more week of school before she's done, Rylie has an ear infection, but other wise just happy as can be and Camryn is doing fine. After her adventures in diarrhea, she is back to being the happy, bossy girl we know and love. Garth will be 39 on Sunday (holy crap) and I'm still pregnant. :-( But I guess that's okay cuz I don't have things ready and she really should cook a little longer. I hope everyone is doing well. Happy Memorial Weekend!

Check List Update

Okay, here is where things are now:
1. check
2. still almost check
3. scheduled for the 29th
4. check
5. check
8. check
9. ordered, but haven't heard from the guy, calling him today
12. check
14. Liz, I emailed your sister, but haven't heard back from her, do you mind checking to see if she got my email?
There are a few more things to add to this list, like someone to run the sound, find some one to video the show, make copies of the program, and all the tiny little odds and ends that need to get done, but hopefully I can keep a mental list of that. Five definite checks - progress!
The birthday party went well. I plan to post pictures of the fun tonight. Wait til you see the huge cake I made! It's awesome. Rylie is 5 years old, WOW! I'm not sure how I feel about sending her to a full day of school. It's going to be a bit rough I think.
I'm also hoping to post dance pictures. Very cute!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Check List

1. Reserve place for show - check
2. Get program done for show - almost check
3. Get decorations done for show -
4. Plan a birthday party - check, does that mean everything is ready for the party, NO
5. Plan a "splits & donut" party for the studio - check, does that mean everything is ready for the party, NO. Is it the same day as the birthday party, YES! (what, who does that?)
6. Get baby stuff ready: clothes, diapers, basinet, everything -
7. Get lighting guy for show -
8. Cut all music and make a CD for show - almost check
9. Make sure all costumes are handed out - almost check, I still have to get the shirts ordered for the mom's dance. Yes, I AM dancing in the show! Might even do high kicks AND the splits. You don't want to miss that! Mom's dance is #11 out of 38. I think I might make it through the show if I send myself into labor. :)
10. Relax -
11. Make sure my girls have all their costumes together for the show -
12. Make studio poster of class pictures -
13. Order flowers for show -
14. Get teacher thank you's for show -
15. Get my stuff ready to have a baby -

I make this list mainly for myself. It has the potential to grow. Will it get all finished, sure it will. But how I get to the end product will be a miracle in itself. Today is the 15th, I have only 1 item with a definite check. The majority of these items need to be checked off before the 6th of June. I hope to get at least 3 checked off tomorrow. I'll post my progress. :)
Dance Technica Rectial is June 6th at Mont Harmon Junior High in Price. Show starts at 7 pm. You are all invited!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


So my high school boyfriend's wife just sent me a friend request on Facebook. Not sure what to make of it. Very interesting and kind of funny. Seeing his name brings back memories. I just stumbled across the box with all the notes he sent me in high school, good times, good laughs. :P
To those of you who know about the whole Brian/Tori high school love, what are YOUR thoughts?
P.S. Answer to Julie's question- No, I don't know her at all. Wouldn't have known who she was if it weren't for the name.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Oh Yes She Is

Did you know that my baby is 2 years old today! Can you believe it! What a cutie she is. Our little monster. She is turning into a "big" girl. She sleeps in her own bed, can talk up a storm, and will even give you a good talking too if she doesn't like what you're doing. She loves to wear shoes, is afraid of bugs, loves to suck her thumb and twirl her hair, loves her babies, likes to wear "sun gasses" and loves her papas. So, happy birthday Camryn! We love you tons and tons!

Woot woot! It's my birthday! All ready for church.

Dressed in her new birthday clothes. So pretty, or as she says, so coot!

Where did the time go?