Friday, May 30, 2008

Memorial Weekend

Hi all.  I hope you all had a great Memorial Weekend.  Mine was pretty nice.  We went up to the cabin so Garth and his dad could fix fence.  This is what we woke up to Saturday morning . . . 

It was a crazy weekend for weather.  It would snow, it would sleet, it would rain, it even hailed.  And some of the time it was nice. =)  The guys were able to get a bit of the fence fixed though, despite the weather.  And Garth and I were able to take the girls to the swings for some fun too.

Garth turned 38 on Saturday.  What an old man!  His Aunt Laurel and Uncle Robert came up on Saturday, so they celebrated with us, along with one of his cousins - Trent Jensen.  James was there too and I think he gave Garth the best birthday present, circus peanuts.  Trent made the mistake of bringing his girlfriend.  My girls fell in love with her immediately!  They wouldn't let her out of their sight.  She was really good to them though and played with them all afternoon.  Thanks Jocelyn. 

I have more pictures of the cake eating fun that I will scrap book later.  Garth wanted yellow cake with chocolate pudding for his birthday.  Garth, being the nice guy he is, shoved Taylor's face in her pudding.  I will post all that later, I promise.  All in all though, it was a nice weekend.  It's nice to get away from the crazy things going on at home.  I was thinking before we left how great it would be if I could take the computer up and get online, but in reality, that is one of the nice things about going to the cabin.  I can leave all that at home.  I'm not saying that going to the cabin is like camping by any means, but it's good to just sit and relax once in a while.
Here is the bit I mentioned in my last post that is going to bring big change in my life . . . Anjelena is moving.  I will no longer have a partner at Dance Technica.  Crazy stuff.  Anjelena and I have been going strong for 6 years now and things have gone really well.  We have just over 100 students.  Now it's going to be just me.  Again, crazy stuff.  I know it will work out, but now there's a lot more on my plate.  It won't be too bad because Anjelena and I did all of it together, the main difference will be that I won't have someone to consult with, it will be just me.  That's a lot of pressure.  But, I do have teachers lined up, so my teaching load shouldn't be any more than it already is, maybe even a little less.  But there you have it.  Changes in the business end of things. (not pregnant) =)
By the way, Dance Technica's dance recital is on June 3rd, 6:30 pm, at Mont Harmon Junior High.  I hope you all can make it.  It should be a good show -- but when is it ever not? ha ha.
Sorry this post is all over the place and really long, but I guess
that's how I am sometimes. And that's ok.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Rylie's Birthday

Rylie's birthday was on Saturday.  She is now a whopping 4 years old!  What a big girl.  We had Garth's parents over and his sister Jana was able to come with her three girls - Nati, Payton, and Harley.  Rylie also had one of her little friends come over, Taie Day.  
Rylie picked her cake out weeks ago from the Family Fun magazine.  She picked out a sand castle cake, so we had a little beach theme going on.  The girls played out in the dirt for a while and then came in to watch Rylie open her presents and have cake and ice cream.  It's kind of funny, but my girls mainly only like the frosting on cakes and things.  Sooo, Rylie mainly liked the idea of her cake.  When it came time to eat the cake, she wasn't too interested because the frosting was covered with crushed up cookie - at least that's what I think.  
She received some cute things.  Lots of toys and clothes.  I think her favorite gift of all was the roly poly playground.  Rylie loves roly pollies and we have some great little plants in front of our house that are a full of them.  She filled it full in no time.  It was fun to watch her go.  She is pretty particular about her roly pollies.  She makes sure they have enough wet dirt in the bottom of the dome and that they stay in a cool place.  It's cute.
Anyway, I think she had a good birthday.   Here are the scrap book pages.  After the party, ALL the girls went over to the farm to help Grandpa pick up sticks out in the field, but I think it got a little to hot for the girls to be very effective.  I heard that it was "hard work" picking up those sticks.  
If you want to know the truth, I'm starting to get birthday burn out.  I have two more left to do.  This is such a hard time of year with school getting out and recital just around the corner.  My life is stressed at the moment.  Big changes are coming though (more stress).  I'll keep you posted.  I hope you all have a great weekend!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Love Being Mom

Just a quick bit on motherhood.  Camryn loves getting into my purse and I know this.  So I usually,  (when I remember) put it up high so she can't go through it.  Camryn also loves gum.  If she finds it, and she usually does, she puts at least two pieces in her mouth and has more pieces in each hand.  Anyway, I needed to get in the shower (greasy hair), so I told Rylie I would be getting in the shower.  She said "OK Mom" and I set her up with a movie.  While in the shower, I hear knocking on my door.  It doesn't stop, nor does Rylie come bursting in, so I know it's Camryn.  I hurry on with my shower.  As soon as I am out, here comes Rylie.  "Mom!  Camryn has all your gum in my toilet!"  As soon as I step out of my bathroom I see the mess.  Camryn has emptied my purse.  And sure enough she is in the girl's bathroom with her cute little hand wrapped around a wet pack of Trident gum, two pieces in her mouth, and the toilet seat is covered in wet spots.  
Good times!  This is why I love being a mom.   :)  Crying babies, late nights, always asking why, plenty of "but Moms", all make it worth it.  Don't you think?  Who could ask for anything more?  The thrills of being a parent!  Here is the scrap book page.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

For You Garrett

OK Garrett, this one's for you.  I finally took my van through a car wash so I could put the stickers on the window.  What do you think?  Am I a crazy mini van mom?  I think they're pretty clever, corny, but clever.  Oh well.  I'm in the mini van club now and I guess I just need to accept that. =)  Really though, I like my van.  It fits my family just right and we still have room for friends.  Plus, we got it for a great deal.  (wink, wink)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Best Weekend Ever!

Just thought I would let you all know that I had a FABULOUS weekend!  I've been building up this past weekend for weeks now, and I've got to tell you, it was GREAT!  Saturday Garth, the girls, and myself took a quick trip up to Provo.  I was able to get a few things for Mother's Day and Taylor tried on some pretty baptism dress.  Garth tried to get a few things for his big hunt this year.  He lucked out on the arrow tips, but came home with some new shorts and pants.  But the highlight of the trip was having lunch with Jason and Joy - and of course Jocelyn.  It was so nice to see the three of them and visit.  We haven't seen them since Jocelyn's blessing.  Jocelyn is such a cutie.  I loved on her as much as I could.
When we got home, we stopped by Sutherlands and ended up bringing home some flowers.  I have always thought flowers for Mother's day were kind of corny, but it made me so happy!  I had the best time with Garth planting them.  It really made my day.  I can't wait for my petunia's to start blooming in full splendor!
On Sunday my entire family was here (minus Mike, that darn pilot, thinks he has to work).  My Mom and Dad, sisters, brothers, their  spouses, and my nieces and nephew.  (Jared, I now have a bunch of balloon poodles all over my house.)  It was awesome!  I think everyone had a great time.  My younger brothers slept a bit of the time, but that's OK, we love them anyway.
But anyhoo, I really had a great weekend.  I could not have asked for a better Mother's Day.  This one will always rank high in my book.  I love ALL of my family so much, and to all you moms out there, I hope you had a great Mother's day too.  As far as I'm concerned, you are the best moms in the world!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Camryn's cake pictures

I tried something new this time.  Hopefully it will work.  If you want to see Camryn's cake pictures, click here.  They are pretty cute.  I'm sure there is a better way to do this, I just don't know how.  Garrett, I hope you're ready to help me out with my boggy blog when you come on Sunday.  I found the scrapblog site on a friends blog.  I still need to mess around with it a bit more to figure it out.  But maybe this will be my method of scrap booking.  I guess we'll have to see.  I think I say something like this almost every time I try to scrap book. ha ha

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Camryn's Birthday

On Saturday we celebrated Camryn's Birthday.  It was a nice little party.  Along with my little family, Garth's parents were there.  I hope Camryn had a good time.  Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy.  (this blog is like a scrap book for me.)

Camryn got so many noisy toys!  But that's OK.  She likes them and I guess that's all that matters.

More noisy toys.  Doesn't she look so cute!

I think she enjoyed "reading" the cards the most.

This is the gift from Garth and I.  We didn't know what to get her.  It is so hard figuring out what to give your kids, when they are all girls, and you have most everything a girl could ever need!.  Camryn loves to climb on and sit in Taylor and Rylie's little plastic chairs, so we thought we would get her one that is a bit more sturdy.  This one can't fall over on her like the others can.  She loves climbing in and out of it.  When she sits in it, she will look at you to make sure your watching and sit there like she is the coolest thing in the world - which she is!

I will post the cake eating pictures later.  I better get some things done this morning before I have to start running all over town.  But just so you know, Camryn didn't let me down.  She did a great job "eating" her cake.  I was so proud.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Good Intentions

I have been wondering if a person can get to heaven on good intentions.  I feel that my life is full of them.  I always have great thoughts about what I should do for this person and that person, but rarely follow through.  I want to be that person who sends out the thank you cards and thinking of you bits, but "good intentions"  is about as far as I get.  I know my life is busy, but people touch my life in so many different ways, I would like them to know.  Here are just a few (maybe this will count at least a little):  Mary, I hope your play is going well.  Val (if you read my blog) good luck with EVERYTHING!  You and your little family are in my prayers.  Tell Vittoria I love her.  Joy, you are a great mom and I wish I could see my sweet little niece more, it has been way to long.  Tiff, thanks for listening and thanks for the visit.  It was so nice having you here.  To all my family, I am sooo excited to have you come.  I miss you all so much (just in case you didn't pick that up before).  There are many more, but I know it should be bit more personal.
So, to all you wonderful people out there, THANK YOU for being a part of my life.  I have good intentions to send a note your way, but it doesn't quite make it.  Hopefully good intentions count for something.

Friday, May 2, 2008

A Day At The Park

  Tiffanie and Carter came to visit this week.  Actually, Tiff had to work in Price, and so Mike could get more accomplished on the house, she brought Carter with her.  It was a lot of fun.  The two of them got here on Monday night and stayed until Wednesday afternoon.  Carter had a sleep over at our house Monday and Tuesday nights.  Getting three kids to go to sleep is pretty tricky when they're all excited.  I think Monday night they all fell asleep some time after 10 pm.
On Tuesday we went to the Dino Mine Park.  When we got there, Carter thought we were at the West Jordan Park.  Rylie and Carter had a great time.  I thought I would share a few of the pictures I took.  They had fun sliding down the dinosaur's tail and exploring all the "secret" passages.  In the toddler section, they slid down the dinosaur's tongue.  That was pretty fun.  Of course the swings were a big hit!  I feel really bad though, I totally forgot about sun screen and Carter got a nice little sun burn.  Sorry Tiff.
On Wednesday, Carter got to go to dance with us.  I'm not sure what he thought of that and I don't think he was to sure either.  He did do a few things with us during Rylie's class, but then went back to playing with his car.  It was pretty funny.
Any way, it was a lot of fun spending time with Tiffanie and Carter.  It was really nice to have them here.  I am excited for my family to come and visit next week.  I haven't seen everyone in a long time.  I hope you all can make it.

Sorry the pictures are all over the place.  I can never get the pictures to go where I want them.  Can anyone help me out.  I struggle every time!

Guess Who's Walking!


Camryn started taking some "real" steps last Thursday, and since then, she has taken off!  It is very exciting.  She looks like a drunken sailor still, but is getting better every day.  Garth says she looks like she is stomping around.  I am happy to see her walk.  The backs of her knees are very sore form her eczema.  They are so red and I can tell they bother her.  When she is in her car seat, she will move her legs back and forth to scratch them.  So, I hope walking will help them to dry out a little.  Camryn is also getting her top teeth.  Her gums are swollen and the teeth are just starting to break through.
Camryn's birthday is tomorrow!  Can you believe it!  My baby will be a year old!  Where did the time go?  We are having cake and ice cream tomorrow night and you're all invited! =)  (I guess we'll see most of you at a later date.)  I will post pictures of her little party so you can all see.  I hope she doesn't let me down with her cake eating abilities.